MCI MC-12 Bus Conversion E19

Sadly now that the kids are out of school I don’t get as much time to work on the conversion.

I have been doing things like greasing all the zerks I can find, also built some run-up ramps to get under the bus.

Spent about 4 days trying to make a path through the bottom of the bus to run the lines for the mini split but ultimately failed. Ended up just running them down the side of the master bedroom, I’ll just use some of the old stainless return ducts to cover them up.

Rest of the cabinets came in, now to get them levelled and mounted. Also, have to find some countertop.

MCI MC-12 Bus Conversion E18

Progress has been slow now the kids are out of school, but still plugging along.

Water supply lines are all done and pressure tested.

Originally I was going to build my own cabinets but Lowes had a great sale for Memorial Day so was able to pick up the cabinets for cheap.

First one in place to check fitment.

Ran the 6AWG wiring down to the bay where the power cable will enter. Even though I’m only planning on using 30A with this bus I ran 6 AWG so I could upgrade to 50 in the future if needed.

MCI MC-12 Bus Conversion E16

Have been working on the bus steadily for the past month after taking the winter off from working on it.

This is just a general posts that show the work that has been done, I am going to make some follow-up posts with detailed information for anyone else that needs it.

Picked up 2 65G tanks from tractor supply, they were on sale and currently are the best fit for my plans.

Here you can see some of the plumbing starting to come down from the bathroom/kitchen.

Driver’s seat has been completely mounted, also transferred the seatbelt over from the MCI driver’s seat.

Stereo has been installed and wired up to the stock bus PA speakers.

This the view as you are standing in the front of the bus.

This is looking at the kitchen.

Another look at the kitchen looking forward.

Going down the hall.




Hallway to the bunks and master

Messy power panel will be tidied up once finished running everything. Currently running 24V house batteries and then a 12V converter down to run standard RV stuff like the vent fan.

Master bedroom

Looking forward from the master.

MCI MC-12 Bus Conversion E15

Still have been busy at work with the bus. I was originally posting over at but has been dead, so going to post here. Also working on taking video of the conversion progress as well.

Window has been skinned over

Rear support structure has been welded back in place and rear decking has all been done. Rear cap is back on.

First part of the flooring is being reinstalled, have been using pieces of foam with great stuff filling the gaps.

Also was able to laser cut a new alarm panel cover.



MCI MC-12 Bus Conversion E14

Have been still plugging away at the bus…..

Got the rear cap support cut out and welded back together as a template.

Pulled out the surge tank for refinishing


Painted with Rustoleum smoke gray Still need to pull out the sight glass for cleaning and see if I can print up a new coolant level label.

Working on the the steel plates for the rear deck.

Also pulled out the window with the cracked frame, have a piece of aluminum ready to go in.

MCI MC-12 Bus Conversion E13

Ran out of steam a bit on the bus this weekend, starting working on the surge tank cover, ripped out all the insulation on the inside and worked on removing the rust.

Since it was 50% off day at the you pull it yard I figured it would be a good time to go and see if I could locate a seat that would work to replace that awful drivers seat.

Picked up a seat from a ford windstar that was in good shape and had power and even seat heaters.

Forgot to take pictures but I snagged the armrest off of the other seat in the van so I have them on both sides, just had to weld the bracket to the seat back. Hooked up 12v to a few wires and everything works great on the seat. Not too shabby for $20 and a few hours of work.

Going to have to build a short platform for it and find a way to move it back some but otherwise it’s perfect for me.

MCI MC-12 Bus Conversion E12

Was able to really put the hammer down today.

Took the better part of 4 hours to pull that metal they have glued down to this area.

Chunky spot under the lav, going to see if I can pull the panel from the engine compartment to replace it.

This side seems pretty good, may just be able to corroseal it and move on.

Got the first big piece of plywood pulled out.

Trying to keep moving while waiting on the steel for the back cap repair to come in. Also looking for polyisocyanurate foam suppliers to start filling in the walls.

MCI MC-12 Bus Conversion E10

Didn’t make it back to the walls, ended up pulling the lower rear cap in order to repair the back deck. Everything looks scary to take apart at first, then you start drilling rivets and things just come off without any fuss. Hardest part of taking off the whole thing was drilling out the screws that hold the cooling fan door. Don’t understand why you go through the trouble of putting in SS framing but yet just use regular steel screws on external hinges that will be exposed to rain/salt.

Got the fiberglass intake pulled off this morning and now working on pulling out the surge tank cover, it’s pretty rusty so I may have to find a replacement.