MCI MC-12 Bus Conversion E13

Ran out of steam a bit on the bus this weekend, starting working on the surge tank cover, ripped out all the insulation on the inside and worked on removing the rust.

Since it was 50% off day at the you pull it yard I figured it would be a good time to go and see if I could locate a seat that would work to replace that awful drivers seat.

Picked up a seat from a ford windstar that was in good shape and had power and even seat heaters.

Forgot to take pictures but I snagged the armrest off of the other seat in the van so I have them on both sides, just had to weld the bracket to the seat back. Hooked up 12v to a few wires and everything works great on the seat. Not too shabby for $20 and a few hours of work.

Going to have to build a short platform for it and find a way to move it back some but otherwise it’s perfect for me.

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