MCI MC-12 Bus Conversion E9

Was away for a few days on vacation so didn’t get a chance to work on the bus at all this weekend. This morning was able to get the new chair rails tapped into place and ready to weld in. Have to disconnect the batteries and ECM’s to prevent any damage from welding.

I went with 1.5″ Square tube with .060 walls welded onto a 1/4″ by 3.5″ flat bar. This makes the replacement the same thickness as the chair rail that came out.

I ended up soaking the clearance light brackets in rust remover and then in paint remover, turns out they actually were barely damaged by rust. Gave them a couple coats of paint and will be riveting them back to the cap.

Also received a couple LED clearance light units to try out, they look great and fit in the same spot. Just going to order some delphi connectors to use on the original wiring since the old units were just crimped in with barrel connectors.

In case anyone is looking for them.

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