MCI MC-12 Bus Conversion E16

Have been working on the bus steadily for the past month after taking the winter off from working on it.

This is just a general posts that show the work that has been done, I am going to make some follow-up posts with detailed information for anyone else that needs it.

Picked up 2 65G tanks from tractor supply, they were on sale and currently are the best fit for my plans.

Here you can see some of the plumbing starting to come down from the bathroom/kitchen.

Driver’s seat has been completely mounted, also transferred the seatbelt over from the MCI driver’s seat.

Stereo has been installed and wired up to the stock bus PA speakers.

This the view as you are standing in the front of the bus.

This is looking at the kitchen.

Another look at the kitchen looking forward.

Going down the hall.




Hallway to the bunks and master

Messy power panel will be tidied up once finished running everything. Currently running 24V house batteries and then a 12V converter down to run standard RV stuff like the vent fan.

Master bedroom

Looking forward from the master.

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