MCI MC-12 Bus Conversion E9

Was away for a few days on vacation so didn’t get a chance to work on the bus at all this weekend. This morning was able to get the new chair rails tapped into place and ready to weld in. Have to disconnect the batteries and ECM’s to prevent any damage from welding.

I went with 1.5″ Square tube with .060 walls welded onto a 1/4″ by 3.5″ flat bar. This makes the replacement the same thickness as the chair rail that came out.

I ended up soaking the clearance light brackets in rust remover and then in paint remover, turns out they actually were barely damaged by rust. Gave them a couple coats of paint and will be riveting them back to the cap.

Also received a couple LED clearance light units to try out, they look great and fit in the same spot. Just going to order some delphi connectors to use on the original wiring since the old units were just crimped in with barrel connectors.

In case anyone is looking for them.

MCI MC-12 Bus Conversion E8

Replacement air filter came in today, filter minder wasn’t saying to replace but I just felt that the filter seemed clogged. Also I like to replace fluids and filters when I first get a vehicle that way I know where it stands.

I used a WIX 46623, Napa wanted $145 amazon has it for $83 Probably will last me for the life of the bus.

Also was able to get the chair rail sections cut out and the rivets drilled and punched out, also picked up the steel to weld back in.

MCI MC-12 Bus Conversion E6

So this weekend I started out by tracking down the leak in the drivers floor area. Looks like many years of old sealant on the wiper panel may have been the problem. So pulled it out, scraped off everything and fashioned a new gasket from butyl rubber. I also did the center access panel since it was the same way. The passenger side seems to be ok for now, but i’ll probably repeat it on that side in the coming weeks.

Finished pulling off one side of the inside skin, chair rail has rusty spots all down the line.

This center section is the worst, both the chair rail and the window rail are mostly gone. There is a very large crack in the window frame that has been letting water in for a while. This is where the bathroom is going to go so i’m going pull out the entire window frame and just skin over this section.

Surprisingly the lav area wasn’t too bad, I figured it would have been the worst.

So the plan is to needle scale all the rusted areas, treat them with corroseal and then liberal amounts of oil base paint. Then going to fill any small gaps with expanding foam and do sheet foam in the large areas. Of course this is after welding in some new chair rail in spots.

Also installed a new manifold to replace the cracked unit.

MCI MC-12 Bus Conversion E5

The fun continues…..

Started raining hard yesterday and was just trying to track down a few noticeable leaks. While trying to find the source of a drip below the steering wheel I came across these two lines that were disconnected, they aren’t labeled and I can’t see any ports that they belong to. Anyone happen to know where they are supposed to go?

Got all the rear luggage racks removed.

Also removed the rear wall, which i’m glad I did, I was thinking of just leaving it alone originally. Ordering some steel and hoping that I can cut out and replace a few sections without taking off the rear cap. Looks like the retainers fell off the back of the lights which left them loose and leaky for quite some time. Going to fabricate some new retainers and re-seal the lights.

MCI MC-12 Bus Conversion E4

Today I was able to get all the overhead consoles pulled out and all of the plating off the luggage racks. The plan is to leave the stock seating for the first 3 rows and I want to leave the luggage rack over those seats.

I was checking out the air cleaner and noticed that the whole right side of the engine was sooty, found that the manifold gasket had completely blown out between 2 cylinders and caused the manifold to crack off on the end.

Going to call around to see if someone can weld/braze it back together or pick up a second hand unit.

MCI MC-12 Bus Conversion E3

Had a few more hours to work on her today.

Holding tank came out with too much fuss, just ripped off the fiberglass cover and undid the clamp that holds the tank to the chute.

Exposed the rusty bits, looks like the lav window has been leaking for quite some time and rotted out the whole floor in the area. Once I get the wood flooring removed I should be able to weld in some new sections.

MCI MC-12 Bus Conversion E2

So over the course of Sunday I was able to get it to this point.

The plan is to take out the floor to find/fix any rust and also redo the insulation with rigid foam. Also trying to clean out all the goop that is all over the place, thing smells terrible. I am planning on keeping the original AC system for OTR use since it currently works.

The pile is growing quickly!

So right now i’m working on cutting out the holding tank so I can get to the rusty bits underneath. Also working on rolling up the vinyl floor and will start pulling the wood up.

MCI MC-12 Bus Conversion E1

Let the nuttiness commence!

Found this MCI12 on ebay, was only 4 1/2 hours away from me so I took a chance and bid, ended up winning it and picked it up this saturday. Does have some rust, but overall doesn’t seem too bad. Under the lav is pretty chunky and probably will have to re-weld some stuff back in. Has a 6v92 engine that starts right up, doesn’t smoke and seems to move down the highway quite well.

The bus has air locks on the cargo doors, aux fuel tank and even came with 2 extra tires. The only thing it doesn’t have which I have to figure out how to add is cruise control. Gets to be a pain holding that pedal down for hours.

This is how she was before starting.